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GP con  barrage, 42 participantes, 6  sin falta, 5 sin ninguna penalidad en el desempate, montante 300.000€ (99.000 el ganador), diseño del francés Gregory Bodo.


Resultado  GP


Todos los resultados






FEI Art. 238.2.2 - Table A with jump-off
Height: 1.60 m
1. 607 Hermes Ryan Simon Delestre FRA   0 68.69 sec 0 35.34 sec
  chest / 14y. / G / SF / Hugo Gesmeray / Ryon d'Anzex / 103GL81 / Philippe Berthol,Simon Delestre   99.000,00 EUR
2. 542 For Joy van't Zorgvliet HDC Kevin Staut FRA   0 69.00 sec 0 35.65 sec
  bay / 14y. / G / BWP / For Pleasure / Heartbreaker / 103FU67 / Haras Des Coudrettes   60.000,00 EUR
3. 511 Sangria du Coty Roger Yves Bost FRA   0 69.92 sec 0 36.05 sec
  bay / 13y. / M / SF / Quaprice Bois Margot / Muguet du Manoir / 103TM85 / Equiblue,Eurl Bosty Jump   45.000,00 EUR
4. 600 Classic Dream Darragh Kenny IRL   0 69.88 sec 0 36.69 sec
  chest / 9y. / G / Colestus / Inster Graditz / 105IB11 / Ann Thompson,Darragh Kenny   30.000,00 EUR
5. 553 Sultane Des Ibis Felicie Bertrand FRA   0 70.70 sec 0 36.81 sec
  chest / 13y. / M / SF / Quidam de Revel / Elan de la Cour / 103MD02 / Madame Geneviève Megret   18.000,00 EUR
6. 599 Take A Chance On Me Z Christian Ahlmann GER   0 69.41 sec 8 37.84 sec
  bay / 10y. / S / ZANG / Taloubet Z / Aldatus Z / 104ND67 / Stoeterij Zangersheide   13.500,00 EUR
7. 589 Chacco Kid Eric Lamaze CAN   1 71.05 sec    
  chest / 13y. / G / OS / Chacco-Blue / Come On / 105BV65 / Chacco Kid Group   9.000,00 EUR
8. 502 Cheppetta Celine Schoonbroodt-de Azevedo BEL   1 72.53 sec    
  bay / 11y. / M / HOLST / Chepetto / Cash / 104YB52 / Sarl Verdoso Equidae   7.500,00 EUR
9. 559 Tum Play du Jouas Steve Guerdat SUI   4 67.22 sec    
  bay / 12y. / G / SF / Querlybet Hero / Voltigeur du Bois / 103VQ19 / Daniel Etter   6.000,00 EUR
10. 532 Dubai du Bois Pinchet Bryan Balsiger SUI   4 68.02 sec    
  bay / 10y. / M / SBS / Kashmir van Schuttershof / Andiamo / 105DU97 / Olivier de Coulon   6.000,00 EUR
11. 556 H&M Legend Of Love Olivier Philippaerts BEL   4 68.54 sec    
  grey / 13y. / M / Landzauber / Corgraf / 103KW09 / Team Philippaerts   3.000,00 EUR
12. 512 Diesel GP du Bois Madame Marlon Modolo Zanotelli BRA   4 68.69 sec    
  bay / 10y. / S / SBS / Cassius / Heartbreaker / 104WK08 / Ilan Ferfder Stables Inc.,Tal Milst   3.000,00 EUR

Total: 300.000,00 EUR

Other, non-placed competitors

13. 504 Silver Shine Martin Fuchs SUI   4 68.73 sec    
  grey / 10y. / G / OS / Califax (holst) / Balou du Rouet (old) / 104TJ11 / Willow Grace Farms    
14. 525 G & C Arrayan Carlos Enrique Lopez Lizarazo COL   4 69.72 sec    
  bay / 14y. / G / KWPN / Baloubet du Rouet / Grannus / 103FW92 / S.A.S. Haras Des Grillons    
15. 520 Verdi TN Maikel van der Vleuten NED   4 69.75 sec    
  bay / 17y. / S / KWPN / Quidam de Revel / Landgraf I / NED41570 / C.A.M.vd Oetelaar,Springstal van de    
16. 577 Lucifer V Nayel Nassar EGY   4 69.80 sec    
  bay / 13y. / G / WESTF / Lord Pezi / Grandeur / 104EN75 / Evergate Stables LLC,Nayel Nassar    
17. 566 Queensland E Frank Schuttert NED   4 69.99 sec    
  bay / 10y. / S / ZANG / Quickfire de Ferann / Socrate de Chivre / 104VI50 / Jos Lansink Horses bvba    
18. 563 Theodore Manciais Spencer Smith USA   4 70.25 sec    
  bay / 12y. / G / SF / Kashmir van Schuttershof / Power Light / 103VO49 / Ashland Farms    
19. 549 Quidamo F Kara Chad CAN   4 70.99 sec    
  bay / 9y. / G / CH / Quality 9 / Chameur / 105NF42 / Stone Ridge Farms LLC    
20. 580 Cassandra Paris Sellon USA   5 71.20 sec    
  grey / 11y. / M / SWB / Caressini L / Cardento / 103WL96 / Willow Grace Farms    
21. 516 Hocus Pocus de Messitert Arnaud Doem BEL   5 71.62 sec    
  chest / 12y. / S / BWP / Quidam de Revel / Clinton / 104SG24 / Doem Arnaud,Florence et Gerard    
22. 586 Victorio Des Grez Jane Richard Philips SUI   5 72.04 sec    
  bay / 10y. / G / SF / Nabab de Reve / Laudanum / 104ZB34 / RLG Denmark - All Star BVBA    
23. 521 Don Juan van de Donkhoeve Jessica Springsteen USA   5 73.95 sec    
  bay / 10y. / S / SBS / Bamako de Muze / Heartbreaker / 104WF23 / Stone Hill Farm    
24. 574 Caspar 232 Emanuele Gaudiano ITA   6 75.07 sec    
  grey / 13y. / S / OS / Berlin / Padarco 2 / 103IJ54 / Pisani,Ugo    
25. 564 Utopie Villelongue Max Thirouin FRA   8 68.26 sec    
  chest / 11y. / M / SF / Mylord Carthago*HN / Calypso d'Herbiers / 104FU19 / Max Thirouin    
26. 526 With Wings Karen Polle JPN   8 69.08 sec    
  bay / 16y. / G / KWPN / Larino / L.Ronald / NED42540 / Karen Polle    
27. 538 Fleurette Laura Kraut USA   8 69.38 sec    
  bay / 10y. / M / SF / Verdi TN / Concorde / 105GX06 / ST. Bride's Farm    
28. 572 Vancouver de Lanlore Pénélope Leprevost FRA   8 69.45 sec    
  dbay / 10y. / S / SF / Toulon / Le Tot de Semilly / 104IR75 / Vorpe Florian    
29. 551 Jasmien vd Bisschop Daniel Deusser GER   8 70.86 sec    
  grey / 10y. / M / BWP / Larino / Chin Chin / 105BJ63 / Stephex Stables    
30. 535 Gentlemen vh Veldhof David Simpson IRL   8 83.11 sec    
  bay / 13y. / G / BWP / Quite Easy I / Calido I / 103MK84 / KDW Horses BVBA & Bart De Wachter    
31. 524 Polias de Blondel Alexandra Paillot FRA   9 72.15 sec    
  chest / 16y. / G / SF / Desir du Chateau / Souviens Toi III / FRA47551 / Paillot Equine Consulting Inc & Ale    
32. 529 Rebeca LS Edward Levy FRA   12 67.68 sec    
  bay / 13y. / M / SLS / Rebozo la Silla / Cassini I / 103GW29 / Sarl Edward Levy Stables    
33. 560 Quality FZ Rodrigo Pessoa BRA   13 72.32 sec    
  bay / 10y. / G / Quintender / Eurocommerce Berlin / 104IE81 / Rodrigo Pessoa,Artemis Equestrian F    
34. 592 Alibi de la Roque Julien Epaillard FRA   13 73.78 sec    
  chest / 9y. / G / SF / Mylord Carthago*HN / Kannan*Gfe / 104YE61 / Eurl Top Stallions Company    
35. 568 Quintini Pieter Clemens BEL   14 76.95 sec    
  bay / 10y. / G / OS / Quintender 2 / Cassini II / 104OQ71 / lansink jos bvba    
36. 569 GC Chopin's Bushi Denis Lynch IRL   17 105.38 sec    
  bay / 13y. / G / KWPN / Contendro II / Nairobi / 103RX17 / Onyx Consulting Ltd    
  508 Sedik Milano Quilazio Filippo Marco Bologni ITA   RT      
  bay / 9y. / G / HOLST / Quidamderevel / Calato / 105GT51 / Artioli Matteo    
  582 Prestige Kalone Philippe Rozier FRA   RT      
  bay / 9y. / S / Potter du Manaou / Veloce de Favi / 105AV32 / Olivier Desutter    
  541 J'Adore van het Schaeck Nicola Philippaerts BEL   RT      
  bay / 10y. / M / BWP / Vagabond de la Pomme / Darco / 104XD85 / Team Philippaerts    
  546 Dinky Toy vd Kranenburg Lorenzo de Luca ITA   RT      
  bay / 10y. / S / SBS / Ugano Sitte / Kimball / 104VL42 / Stephex Stables,Scuderia 1918    
  578 Apart Pieter Devos BEL   RT      
  chest / 14y. / G / KWPN / Larino / Burggraaf / 103IV19 / Devos Stables    
  596 Iron Man van de Padenborre Gregory Wathelet BEL   RT      
  bay / 11y. / S / BWP / Darco / Chin Chin / 104ID07 / Leemans-Asselberghs    


Nota de prensa

Todos los r


What better present for the organizer and the public of the 11th Longines Masters of Paris than this 100% French podium? In front of their fans, French team stalwarts Simon Delestre, Kevin Staut and Roger-Yves Bost took first, second and third respectively in the Longines Grand Prix of Paris. Believe us, there was noise - a lot of noise! - in the stands while history was made in the arena.

"Fair", "perfectly balanced", "definitely sport and welfare oriented"... A lot of praise went towards French course designer Grégory Bodo's tracks during the press conference. "The course was interesting and faults occurred everywhere as opposed to a true stumbling block which would have penalized a certain type of horses in particular. Grégory did a very subtle job forcing the riders to ride forward which one of the basis of our sport". Coming from reigning team Olympic champion Kevin Staut, second of this Longines Grand Prix of Paris, these words were certainly honey to the ears of Bodo who is very much in demand in the horse world and whose courses raise unanimous appreciation wherever he operates. "The tracks of the Longines Grand Prix of Paris and all the weekend's classes of this 11th Longines Masters of Paris required fluidity, delicacy, accuracy and rhythm. I nonetheless included two turns to give the competitors a chance to take risks." Did it mean that the Longines Grand Prix of Paris was to be won on the flat and not over the jumps?



They were certainly among the favorites of this difficult Masters Two Land Rover Grand Prix. Nonetheless, putting in a double clear at such a fast pace we no mean feat. Cheered on by the home crowd, Thierry Rozier and his mare Star delivered beautifully. Stopping the clock at an amazing 31’’63, the pair didn't give the rest of the field the merest chance to catch them.

"Star was a bit spooky at the beginning of the week-end but relaxed as the days passed. When I rode her first thing this morning, I told my groom Virginie that the mare felt on top form. The friends I met kept telling me that we were hot favorites... but faults happen all too easily" said the French rider. 'Winning here, at the Longines Masters of Paris is a huge pleasure, first of all for my mare but also for Christophe Ameeuw, his team and the audience. Paris is my city. Finishing the year on such a good note is a fantastic boost" he added all smiles.

Thierry Rozier wins ahead of an all-female quintet. Britain's Louise Simpson takes second on Calvaro's Up To Date (0/0 34’’21) with the USA's Bliss Heers hot on her heels on Antidote de Mars (0/0 34’26). Then comes a French contingent of Delphine Perez on Untouchable Gips, Caroline Nicolas on Alias Watch and Marie Pellegrin on Alcazar du Moulin. Thanks to a couple of victories and several placings, the latter also clinches the title of Best rider of the Masters Two, thus taking home a Stephex Horsetrucks STX 2 Horses light-duty vehicle.



Flying over the jump-off in 32’’77, France's Frédéric Hinderze put in the best performance of the Masters Three Baobab Collection Grand Prix on the last day of the Longines Masters of Paris. His win, however, was surrounded by much drama. In the last turn, right after the finish line, the rider performed quite a spectacular stunt. "Over the last fences, my horse tends to jump to the left which can cause him to have a pole down. Therefore, my coach advised me to go right upon landing. So I did, but so much so that my horse went left and I went right", he explained.

"We've been coming to the Longines Masters of Paris for six years now hoping to win the Grand Prix. We nearly did it two years ago but another rider pipped me to the post right at the end of the class. As this year is my horse's last year here, I was really determined we'd do our best. And it worked out well! To be honest, throughout the season we look forward to this very special weekend at the Longines Masters of Paris. Finishing with a victory in the last class, over the last jump-off of the year is even more thrilling!“ he concluded. The youngest rider of the Masters Three at only 12 years of age, Czech Anna-Marie Vitek, is a very creditable runner-up with a clear round in 33’’72 aboard LVS Shelby. France's Amaury de la Lance rode Connery to third with another double clear in 35’’25.



It was Christophe Ameeuw's strong wish to include pony showjumping in the program of the Longines Masters of Paris. His goal? To allow tomorrow's talents to rub elbows with today's greatest figures of the sport and to use one of the most prestigious shows in the world to link generations.

Fifteen pairs from France, Ireland, Great-Britain, The Netherlands or Norway were selected to take part in this very first Lami-Cell Pony Masters. At the end of the day, France's Jeanne Hirel put in the best performance in the Grand Prix. Aboard Vedouz de Nestin, she jumped off in 32’’67, over 4 sec. faster than Britain's Hannah Barker on Ammanvalley Santino (36’’82) and Norman Romane Orhant on Quabar des Monceaux (38’’89).

"The Longines Masters of Paris was just... wow! I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to be a part of the very first Pony Masters and to compete in this arena!" commented Jeanne Hirel. Last to jump clear in the initial round and last to go in the jump-off, she kept her cool under pressure. "Olivier Bost (French pony team selector) told me to ride the jump-off in a good rhythm and to ride tight turns. I was determined to win", she added. Aged 13 and already selected this summer for the pony European championships, she is definitely one to watch for the future. Will she be able to follow in the footsteps of her favorite riders Laura Kraut, Edwina Tops-Alexander and Jessica Springsteen ? Time will tell!




Christophe Ameeuw, president and founder of EEM, organizer of the Longines Masters of Paris and the Longines Masters Series (Hong-Kong, Lausanne, Paris) commented that this Grand Prix perfectly reflected the sport, passion and boldness which prevailed in Paris-Villepinte over the weekend. "This 100% French podium is the perfect conclusion. An event like ours must absolutely serve the sport and keep bringing on to new fans the best showjumping has to offer. During this weekend, we have experienced historical moments and kept our good spirits despite external constraint. We also innovated with the introduction of a new competition for the best ponies in the world as our duty is to always challenge ourselves, fly high, experience new things and pursue our ideas. There is still some way to go and many people have yet to discover this sport which, to my eyes, is the most beautiful in the world. Therefore, we need to cross community borders and create new fans. This actually was one of the bets of this youth oriented 11th edition".
55 000 people visited the 11th edition of the Longines Masters of Paris; the competitions broadcast in 115 different countries reached over 265 millions homes.

Season V of the Longines Masters Series will be launched in a few weeks in Hong Kong, from February 14 to 16, 2020 where more history will be made. Save the date!




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