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2º el irlandés Denis Lynch / CRISTELLO, 3º el italiano Emanuele Gaudiano / CHALOU…


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Experience was the keynote of the Grand Prix which gathered together the best riders on the planet, bringing these four weeks of competition to an end in the South of France. Three experienced riders finished on the HUBSIDE JUMPING’s final podium for this summer season, ahead of the young generation, which was very threatening in this Grand Prix. Belgium’s Niels Bruynseels was the winner riding Gancia de Muze. He finished ahead of Ireland’s Denis Lynch with Cristello and Italy’s Emanuele Guadiano, with Chalou. The best French rider, and the leader of this young generation of rising stars, Edward Levy, was fifth with Uno de Cerisy. Last week, during the HUBSIDE JUMPING’s 5* Grand Prix, he already finished in an amazing second place.

This afternoon forty-six horse and rider combinations took part in the final 4* Grand Prix of the HUBSIDE JUMPING, which for four weeks, played host to the best horses and riders on the planet. Fifteen horse and rider combinations jumped the first round perfectly and went through to the jump-off of the course designed by France’s Cédric Longis, whose track was praised by the riders.

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“I know that my mare Ganzia de Muze can be very fast, but faced with a jump-off and riders and horses of this level, it was no easy matter (laughs). I tried to take all the risks possible. I was rather concerned when I saw that some riders were getting dangerously close to my time. I wasn’t guaranteed to be the winner...But no words are strong enough to describe Gancia. She really is an incredible mare. She has won everything in her life and even the long break due to the lockdown didn’t hinder her round. These weeks at the HUBSIDE JUMPING in the South of France have been very positive. Everything is perfect here: the facilities on offer to the horses and riders are really outstanding. I really want to praise the organisation for what it is doing for the sport and thank the whole team!” 
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