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Marilyn Little con SACANDALOUS
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Kim Beaudoin for Jennifer Wood Media, Inc.

Wellington, FL – February 3, 2017 – Marilyn Little (USA) and RF Scandalous established an early lead in the dressage phase of the 2017 $100,000 Land Rover Wellington Eventing Showcase on Friday at Equestrian Village at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC).

Competition will continue with the show jumping phase beginning at 10:30 a.m. in the Global Arena on Saturday morning, February 4, with the cross-country phase starting with the first rider on course at 1 p.m. Live streaming will be available, CLICK HERE to watch.

Little and RF Scandalous, a 2005 Oldenburg mare (Carry Gold x Richardia x Lario) owned by J. Mars, R. Parsky, P. Manders, & M. Manders, took the lead after the dressage phase with 24.9 penalties. Ryan Wood (AUS) and Powell, a 2006 Oldenburg gelding (Pablito x Dinara x Donnerwerth) owned by Summit Sporthorses LTD, Inc. & Ryan Wood, will continue on to the show jumping phase in second place on 26.1 penalties, while last year’s event winner Boyd Martin (USA) and Welcome Shadow, a 2005 Thoroughbred x mare owned by Gloria Callen sit in third place with 26.5 penalties.

“We are using this time to work on her (RF Scandalous) dressage and her show jumping. She’s actually in her fourth week of competition already this year,” said Little of the mare she rode to individual and team gold medals at the 2015 Pan American Games. “She’s been competing at [the Winter Equestrian Festival] and has been doing lots of dressage. I was happy that today went well.”

She continued, “Today I wasn’t entirely sure if the result would be positive or negative. Sometimes it’s one step forward, two steps back. I was worried because I’ve been trying to add more spark and add more control to the changes, that she could be a bit fresh today and maybe we would see that in the ring. I was pleasantly surprised with her demeanor; she was very business-like and was as lovely to ride as she always is.”

Ryan Wood and Powell

Wood credited his recent dressage training with Silva Martin for his second-place standing.

“I’ve had a lot of help from Boyd’s wife on the dressage. It gets a little tough at the dinner table when I end up beating him,” joked Wood.

Regarding his thoughts on tomorrow’s cross-country course, Wood said, “This is a challenging course, and it’ll be my horse’s first start for the year. We’ve got some great schooling places around us in Aiken so they’ve been able to get out a few times. It’s going to be challenging. [Course designer Capt.] Mark [Phillips] has made some changes, and accuracy is going to be a factor.”

Boyd Martin has won the Wellington Eventing Showcase two years in a row and could make it a three-peat victory if his rides tomorrow go as planned. “Mark Phillips has really beefed the course up here, and it is considerably trickier than it has been in the last few years. The time should be a fair bit harder to make, so I think that if you want to win a prize here you’re really going to have to take a chance and go for broke,” said Martin.

Boyd Martin and Welcome Shadow

Welcome Shadow has been competing at the Advanced level for two years and was a reserve horse for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. “I feel like we are just starting to get some of our best work,” Martin said. “She’s (Welcome Shadow) a wonderful mover and a real pleaser and a trier. Tomorrow will be a big test. It’s our first event for the year.”

Currently sitting in fourth place on 27.1 penalties, Hannah Sue Burnett (USA) commented on her start to the season with mount Harbour Pilot, “Instead of butting heads, we are teaming up. I’m excited to ride both of my horses here. They are both very, very, very bold so that’s a huge advantage for me.”

Hannah Sue Burnett and Harbour Pilot

Equestrian Sport Productions’ CEO Mark Bellissimo concluded the day’s press conference by discussing possible expansions for the sport of Eventing in Wellington. “We are very happy to have this event in its third year. It is an opportunity for us to expose a much broader audience to Eventing, and we are very excited for the future,” said Bellissimo.

Competition continues on Saturday, February 4, at 10:30 a.m. with show jumping and continues with cross country at 1 p.m.. For more information on the $100,000 Land Rover Wellington Eventing Showcase, please visit

$100,000 Land Rover Wellington Eventing Showcase Dressage Scores
Place, Rider, Nationality, Horse, Horse Information: Judge @ C, Judge @ B, Total

1. Marilyn Little (USA), RF Scandalous, 2005 Oldenburg mare by Carry Gold x Richardia x Lario owned by J. Mars, R. Parsky, P. Manders, & M. Manders: 24.41, 25.29, 24.9

2. Ryan Wood (AUS), Powell, 2006 Oldenburg gelding by Pablito x Dinara x Donnerwerth owned by Summit Sporthorses LTD, INC. & Ryan Wood: 26.32, 25.88, 26.1

3. Boyd Martin (USA), Welcome Shadow, 2005 Thoroughbred mare owned by Gloria Callen: 25.88, 27.21, 26.5

4. Hannah Sue Burnett (USA), Harbour Pilot, 2003 Irish Sport Horse gelding by Cruising x Shannon owned by Jacqueline Mars: 29.85, 24.26, 27.1

5. Allison Springer (USA), Arthur, 1999 Irish Sport Horse gelding by Bradenburg’s Windstar x Kelly owned by the Arthur Syndicate LLC: 26.47, 27.94, 27.2

6. Buck Davidson Jr. (USA), Carvelo, 2007 Holsteiner gelding by Caresino x Ramatuelle x Levernois owned by Carlevo LLC: 28.82, 26.1, 27.5

7. Kim Severson (USA), Cooley Cross Border, 2007 Irish Sport Horse gelding by Diamond Roller x Whos Diaz x Osilvis owned by The Cross Syndicate: 27.94, 28.09, 28.0

8. Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp (USA), Fernhill By Night, 2003 Irish Sport Horse gelding by Radolin x Argentina XII x Argentinus owned by Deborah Halliday: 27.65, 30.88, 29.3

9. Marilyn Little (USA), RF Demeter, 2002 Oldenburg mare by Rubin Royal x Patricia x Kanudos XX owned by Jacqueline Mars, Raylyn Farms Inc & Patrick Witte: 31.18, 27.65, 29.4

10. Mark Todd (NZL), Anna Bella, 2006 Holsteiner mare by Acodetto x Hellena x Leonid owned by GSC Syndicate, LLC: 28.68, 31.03, 29.9
11. Doug Payne (USA), Vandiver, 2004 ATA gelding by Windfall x Visions of Grandeur x Mystic Replica XX owned by Debi Crowley, Doug and Jessica Payne: 29.71, 30.59, 30.2

12. Sara Kozumplik Murphy (USA), Rubens D’Ysieux, 2005 Selle Francais gelding by Balougran x Orenda D’Ysieux x Mr Blue owned by: Rubens D’Ysieux Syndicate LLC: 30.29, 31.03, 30.7

Photo Credit:  ©SusanStickle. These photos may only be used once in relation to this press release.


631 RF Scandalous Marilyn Little (USA) 24.41 25.29 24.9 1  
632 Powell Ryan Wood (AUS) 26.32 25.88 26.1 2  
614 Welcome Shadow Boyd Martin (USA) 25.88 27.21 26.5 3  
611 Harbour Pilot Hannah Sue Burnett (USA) 29.85 24.26 27.1 4  
619 Arthur Allison Springer (USA) 26.47 27.94 27.2 5  
639 Carlevo Buck Davidson (USA) 28.82 26.18 27.5 6  
622 Cooley Cross Border Kim Severson (USA) 27.94 28.09 28.0 7  
624 Fernhill By Night Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp (USA) 27.65 30.88 29.3 8  
621 RF Demeter Marilyn Little (USA) 31.18 27.65 29.4 9  
638 Anna Bella Mark Todd (NZL) 28.68 31.03 29.9 10  
626 Vandiver Doug Payne (USA) 29.71 30.59 30.2 11  
609 Rubens D'Ysieux Sara Kozumplik Murphy (USA) 30.29 31.03 30.7 12  
618 Petite Flower Buck Davidson (USA) 31.76 30.00 30.9 13  
630 Under Suspection Hannah Sue Burnett (USA) 30.88 31.32 31.1 14-T  
634 Long Island T Boyd Martin (USA) 28.68 33.53 31.1 14-T  
625 Cambalda Jennie Brannigan (USA) 32.65 29.85 31.3 16  
620 Steady Eddie William Fox-Pitt (GBR) 32.50 30.44 31.5 17  
628 Lup the Loop Kylie Lyman (USA) 29.41 34.41 31.9 18  
623 Paddy the Caddy Erin Sylvester (USA) 32.35 33.24 32.8 19  
607 Foreign Affair Clayton Fredericks (AUS) 32.94 33.53 33.2 20  
605 Deniro Z Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp (USA) 33.82 32.79 33.3 21-T  
637 RF Quarterman William Fox-Pitt (GBR) 34.41 32.21 33.3 21-T  
635 Houdini Clayton Fredericks (AUS) 33.97 33.53 33.8 23  
629 Never Out Foxed Holly Payne Caravella (USA) 35.15 31.12 34.6 24  
608 Ibella Jennie Brannigan (USA) 37.06 32.35 34.7 25-T  
616 L'Alezane Mark Todd (NZL) 35.88 33.53 34.7 25-T  
602 Simply Priceless Elisa  Wallace (USA) 36.18 34.56 35.4 27  
627 Bliss III Angela Bowles (USA) 36.18 35.29 35.7 28  
615 Fernhill Classic Ryan Wood (AUS) 36.62 35.74 36.2 29  
617 Dukes Up Daniel  Jocelyn (NZL) 36.62 36.18 36.4 30  
612 South Paw Joe Meyer (NZL) 38.38 34.71 36.5 31-T  
613 Escot 6 Colleen Rutledge (USA) 36.76 36.32 36.5 31-T  
601 Da Vinci Code Kylie Lyman  (USA) 38.53 38.24 38.4 33  
636 Clip Clop Joe Meyer (NZL) 41.91 35.59 38.8 34  
604 Mettraise Erin Sylvester (USA) 40.74 37.21 39.0 35  
610 Captain Jack Savannah Fulton (USA) 41.62 36.91 39.3 36  
603 Novelle Angela Bowles (USA) 39.71 43.24 41.5 37  
633 L & N Lady Colina Daniel  Jocelyn (NZL) 48.53 47.79 48.2 38