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El español G. Blasco / SIJ VEUX D´AUTIZE fue 37º (42 participantes) con 39.4 puntos. El puesto no es bueno, pero está tan sólo a 14.5 del ganador, lo que hace que ganar sea prácticamente imposible; pero, sin embargo, un cross sin falta sobre los obstáculos y en el tiempo óptimo puede permitir que remonte muchos puestos.


El Caballo de Deporte Español NEREO montado con A. Nicholson ganó Les Etoiles de Pau en 2012 (entonces CCI****).





Nota de prensa


The first eventing test in the CCI 5*-L competition at the Pau 5-Star event has drawn to a close. British rider Tom McEwen, currently ranked world no.12, takes first place at the top of the provisional leaderboard after today’s dressage tests on Toledo de Kerser (24.0), just ahead of the New-Zealander Tim Price, ranked world no.3 riding Wesko (25.6). The highest-ranking French horse-rider pair, Arnaud Boiteau on Quoriano*ENE HN comes in fifteenth place in the provisional rankings before Saturday’s cross-country event (33.2).

So, see you tomorrow at 2 p.m. to see the first rider gallop out onto the cross-country course in the sunny setting of the Domaine de Sers here in Pau! 

Quote from Tom McEwen (GBR)

I’m delighted to be in first place on the provisional leaderboard after the dressage test.  I could tell that my performance was very smooth, and I think that’s what the judges were looking for today. There’s a lot of good competition in the CCI 5*-L Pau 5-Star event, and I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s cross-country event.” 

On tomorrow’s cross-country course:

“I really came here expecting a twisty track. But now I’ve walked it, it is tricky, but in general a really fluent track with some big fences and positive lines. I wouldn’t say that there are difficulties in one specific area: there are some really big questions all along the track. Perhaps the first water, with the sequence of five very close jumps in sequences: it’s a bit like doing Spring Garden at home, so you need to keep some energy for the end of the course. Then there’s a really big final fence with a difficult corner. The last water is perhaps also a difficulty."

On Toledo de Kerser:

“He’s a really great horse! The start and finish sections of the course are fairly twisty at the start and finish, but there are some really open stretches in the middle where you can make up time. Toledo knows how to handle it all so I’m feeling confident about tomorrow.”

ClickHERE to download some photos of Tom McEwen’s individual dressage test. They are to be used only to illustrate news on the Pau 5-Star event. Please also include “copyright Nicolas Hodys” if you publish any of the photos.

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24 octubre  2019.- El neocelandés Tim Price tras ganar el Cto. del Mundo de completo de los 7 años 2019 el domingo pasado con HAPPY BOY, hoy jueves (24 octubre) va ganando la doma del completo 5 estrellas de Pau con ASCONA (hoslteiner torda de 2008, Cassaro-Coronado-Corrado-Cor de la Bryère / Carpacccio-Caretino-Caletto II-Cor de la Bryère / Grundyman xx) con la que este año ganó el completo CCI***** L Luhmühlen, lo hizo en el salto del Sunshine Tour de Montenmedio bajo entreno del español Luis Álvarez Cervera…


 Tom McEwen / TOLEDO DE KERSER. Foto de N. Hoyds

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