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“Les Etoiles” ha vuelto a demostrar los malos resultados del completo español, que tratarán de enmascararlos (ya a nadie engañan) con el próximo Cto. de España, de una organización, propiedad e instalación esmerada que mucho colabora con la disciplina pero que no es suficiente con la ideología que existe (primordialmente mala y de engaño para nuestros jinetes). Posiblemente se plateen que el entrenador principal, de un “clinic” en el mismo para tapar que en lo que se lleva de año no ha dado ninguno en nuestro país (incluso no antes en el Cto. de Europa de los jóvenes), ¿“cortina de humo” al despropósito ya hecho?


Nota de prensa

At the top of  the provisional leader board after the dressage test, still in the lead after

the cross-country competition, and after a splendid clean sweep in the show-jumping competition this afternoon, British rider Tom McEwen  rode to victory, winning his first  CCI 5*-L on his French Saddle gelding, Toledo de Kerser. He came in ahead of two Australians: Christopher Burton, with Quality Purdey, and Shane Rose, on Virgil.  The best French rider after the cross-country competition, Olympic team champion Mathieu Lemoine maintained his position, finishing ninth in the final ranking on his mare Tzinga d’Auzay, who was competing for the very first time at this level at the Pau 5-Star event.

Tom McEwen (GB):

"The Pau 5-Star event is the first  CCI 5*-L that I have won in my riding career. My horse was just fantastic in the show-jumping test. He was fantastic to ride and made a great clear round. All I had to do was guide him properly, make sure the stride was right and the rest just took care of itself." 

Shane Rose (AUS):

“ ‘Je suis très content’”  (he said in French for the home crowds).  I'd like to send special wishes to my wife who has stayed at home with our four children and enabled me to come here to France to compete in this amazing competition on the other side of the world. The dressage test didn't go as well as I'd have liked but the cross-country course and the show-jumping went well. It's the second time I have competed here in the Pau 5-Star event, and this time round I had a much better experience."   

Mathieu Lemoine (FRA):

"I set out on the show-jumping circuit with two bars' credit to keep the place I had on the leader board after the cross-country competition. The surface was really great and was perfect for my mare. She knocked down two bars, but we've had far worse results at a lower level. We know her well now, she has her strong and weak points, just like any horse, but she's got an amazingly generous personality, and that's why she more than deserves today's ranking.

Pascal Sayous, organiser of the Pau 5-star event:

"Without the Brits, a really powerful nation in eventing, there just wouldn't even be a CCI 5*. It's been a very long time since a British rider won in Pau and it's a real honour to have such an accomplished rider take first place here today - and on a French horse too!"

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You also will find HERE videos of Tom McEwen, Centaure Production.




26 octubre 2019.- VIDEOS. El británico Tom McEwen / TOLEDO DE KERSER gana la doma del completo CCI***** L Pau 2019 con 24.9 puntos y después hace el cross sin falta sobre los obstáculos y una penalidad por tiempo de 0.8 (11´y 17´´) por lo que sigue líder. 2º el asimismo británico A. Bragg / ZAGREB (KWPN de 2004, Perion-Faust Z-Furioso II / Nagano-Narev xx-Athenagoras / Equador-Voltaire-Furioso II) con los 28.8 de la doma (el único en hacer el cross en el tiempo óptimo), 3º el australiano Ch. Burton / QUALITY POURDAY al que hay que sumar 2 del cross a los 27.8 de la doma… Los dos primeros conjuntos citados se encuentran para mañana a menos del derribo. G. Blasco / SIJ VEUX se retira

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