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El angloárabe HITO con el español Albert Hermoso realiza una muy buena prueba de doma en el completo de los JEM 2014 y consigue 50.2puntos. Es nuestro mejor conjunto por el momento, aunque queda un cross muy exigente. Reprise con buena presentación, movimientos, transiciones, cambios de pie a galope, paradas… Significativa y evidente mejoría progresiva del caballo con el jinete catalán, que en Le Pin se ha puesto de manifiesto con el entrenador de doma de la disciplina M. Jordá

La alemana Sandra Auffarth  con el caballo francés (SF) OPGUN LOUVO sale en último lugar y gana la doma al lograr 35.2 puntos y dejar 2º al británico W. Fox-Pitt / CHILLI MORNIG (37.5) y 3º el neocelandés J. Paget / C. PROMISE (38). Excelente prueba la del conjunto ganador, que se ha merecido incuestionablemente su victoria.



  [caption id="attachment_24752" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Sandra Auffarth con OPGUN LOUVO Sandra Auffarth con OPGUN LOUVO[/caption] [caption id="attachment_24754" align="aligncenter" width="1316"]Albert Hermoso con HITO entrenando con el mallorquín  M. Jordá Albert Hermoso con HITO entrenando con el mallorquín M. Jordá[/caption] How did Opgun Louvo incur his injury? He lost a shoe early on the cross-country at Aachen in 2013 and as the ground was slippery he somehow strained a leg. He wasn’t lame but I know him so well that I realised he wasn’t quite right. I don’t have another horse like him and so I’m always really careful with him. How did you find him? He was bought by a Belgian rider from his French home as a three-year-old, which is why the French crowd here gave him a standing ovation after the dressage. I was given him to ride as a five-year-old and a year later I bought him along with the German Federation. Did you realise then that he would be such a superstar? Absolutely not. He’s a small horse and in a stable he looks like a hundred others. But he has a great attitude — he’s so intelligent on the flat and such a good jumper. We have done everything step by step together but I never dreamed that he would be a four-star horse. It was only when he completed the Luhmuhlen CCI**** in 2011 that I realised what he was capable of. After that, of course, we won individual silver at the Luhmuhlen Europeans. Did you always dream of riding at a World Equestrian Games? I went to the WEG in Aachen in 2006 and riding at a World Games was really far from my mind. I never thought then that it could possibly happen. Who trains you on the flat? I’ve worked with [pure dressage rider] Carola Koppelmann for the last seven years. What is Opgun Louvo like to ride across country? He loves all cross-country courses and he’s often a little ‘over-motivated’ at the start! CLICK HERE to read more about Eventing at the WEG    

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