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La alemana Sandra Auffarth  con el caballo francés (SF) OPGUN LOUVO sale en último lugar y gana la doma al lograr 35.2 puntos y dejar 2º al británico W. Fox-Pitt / CHILLI MORNIG (37.5) y 3º el neocelandés J. Paget / C. PROMISE (38). Excelente prueba la del conjunto ganador, que se ha merecido incuestionablemente su victoria.



  [caption id="attachment_24752" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Sandra Auffarth con OPGUN LOUVO Sandra Auffarth con OPGUN LOUVO[/caption] [caption id="attachment_24754" align="aligncenter" width="1316"]Albert Hermoso con HITO entrenando con el mallorquín  M. Jordá Albert Hermoso con HITO entrenando con el mallorquín M. Jordá[/caption] How did Opgun Louvo incur his injury? He lost a shoe early on the cross-country at Aachen in 2013 and as the ground was slippery he somehow strained a leg. He wasn’t lame but I know him so well that I realised he wasn’t quite right. I don’t have another horse like him and so I’m always really careful with him. How did you find him? He was bought by a Belgian rider from his French home as a three-year-old, which is why the French crowd here gave him a standing ovation after the dressage. I was given him to ride as a five-year-old and a year later I bought him along with the German Federation. Did you realise then that he would be such a superstar? Absolutely not. He’s a small horse and in a stable he looks like a hundred others. But he has a great attitude — he’s so intelligent on the flat and such a good jumper. We have done everything step by step together but I never dreamed that he would be a four-star horse. It was only when he completed the Luhmuhlen CCI**** in 2011 that I realised what he was capable of. After that, of course, we won individual silver at the Luhmuhlen Europeans. Did you always dream of riding at a World Equestrian Games? I went to the WEG in Aachen in 2006 and riding at a World Games was really far from my mind. I never thought then that it could possibly happen. Who trains you on the flat? I’ve worked with [pure dressage rider] Carola Koppelmann for the last seven years. What is Opgun Louvo like to ride across country? He loves all cross-country courses and he’s often a little ‘over-motivated’ at the start! CLICK HERE to read more about Eventing at the WEG    

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